Seven Sabres Brotherhood MRC
 Angier N.C.  

About Us

The Seven Sabres Brotherhood is a family oriented Riding Club based out of Angier, N.C. We are a group of individuals that share common interests in motorcycle riding, touring, fellowship, and charity. We believe strongly in the institution of family, friends, and this great nation in which we live. Our goals are to help the community by providing (as we are able), aid and relief to those in need of assistance. We are always looking for other Motorcycle enthusiasts to join our group for riding, fun and fellowship. If you are interested in hearing more about our club, email us and a member will contact you.

Facebook: "Seven Sabres Mrc"
Contact info:

                                                                                                            Club Officers

                          President:  Tony Mabry                               Vice President:  Bart Corbett

                          Sgt at Arms:  Timmy Young                        Secretary/Treasurer:  Arlene Mabry

                                                                         Event Coordinator: Jan Rhoades     

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